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This hexagon frame racket with a perfect balance will help you control the game. Combined with a flexible shaft this racket will help ordinary and leisure player create extra power that will be noticed on court. This is the racket that will help improve the game of all the people that are not elite/tournament level.

Holes 76
Weight 86g
Balance 290 mm (M)
Flexibility Flexible (2)
Shaft 24 T - CNT U-HM Graphite
Frame 24 T - CNT U-HM Graphite
Power 6
Player All round

Auke 76
Kaal 86 g
Tasakaalupunkt 290 mm
Jäikus Painduv
Varre materjal 24T CNT U-HM graphite
Raami materjal 24T CNT U-HM graphite
Võimsus 6/10
Keelte pinge 22-26 lbs
Lühikirjeldus Imeline esimene reket!