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This racket has a thin aerodynamic frame, is light and head heavy. The FZ Forza Light 3 racket is especially designed for the fast pace in doubles. It offers excellent playing capabilities and almost no torsion for accuracy. Furthermore, this racket has a slim frame and is lighter for faster strokes. The heavy head helps to create a threat from the backcourt once you turned your defense into offence. This is an excellent racket recommended for everyone who wants the fastest action on court.

Auke 76
Kaal 80 g
Tasakaalupunkt 285 mm
Jäikus Painduv
Varre materjal 24T CNT U-HM graphite
Raami materjal 24T CNT U-HM graphite
Võimsus 5/10
Keelte pinge 22-28 lbs
Lühikirjeldus Reket sobib kõigile, kes soovivad mängus kõrget tempot hoida!