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Durable shuttlecocks, effortlessly.

As every badminton player knows, feather shuttlecocks break - a lot. And the cost of replacing them can really add up over the years. 

Luckily, there's Humidome. It's a simple new product that makes your shuttles last a lot longer. Just plug the lightweight device into the top end of your shuttlecock tube and let Humidome do it's magic. It's as easy as that.

With Humidome you will always have perfectly conditioned, long-lasting shuttles in your badminton bag. With zero effort.

Humidome® solves one of the most frustrating - and costly - problems badminton players face: the durability of feather shuttlecocks.

Humidity is the single most important factor in increasing a shuttlecock's life span. But by the time a shuttlecock tube ends up in your bag, the Relative Humidity level inside the tube of shuttlecocks can be as low as 40%. After days or weeks of usage that level falls even further - further from the ideal levels of humidity.

Humidome works by creating and maintaining the perfect level of humidity in your shuttlecock tube. Inside each Humidome product are non-toxic, specially designed beads which can carry up to a hundred times their own weight in water. The beads maintain a high level of humidity for months which means your shuttlecocks are optimally stored, conditioned and always ready for use, without any effort.